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Are you interested in an online presence?

What do you want a website to do for you?

Do you want to sell stuff or offer a service?

Blog about what ever is on your mind?

What ever is you reason for wanting to go online, I can help!


My Computer Experience:
  • Programming for over 30 years
  • Developed systems for use in the Federal government
  • Integrated and installed financial systems in various countries in North America and Europe
  • Developed and maintained industrial shop floor application for data collection and analysis
  • Developed and maintained personal and retail websites
  • Integrated existing technologies to provide overall business functionalities for small businesses


My Development Philosophy:
  • Keep it simple – easier on the eye and the wallet
  • Design as per customer needs – ensure the corect level of sophistication
  • Correct user maintainability level – design the website with as little or as much as the user wants to look after.
  • Keep Upfront and Ongoing costs to a minimum – utilize open source and free tools when it makes sense


Website Samples:
  • Personal Website (Coming Soon)
  • Retail/Wholesale Ecommerce Website – This site
  • B&B Website (Coming Soon)
  • Self created appointments Website – dining room, car service, massage therapyst, …  (Coming Soon)



Every site is different – Let’s Talk!

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