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David Profile Pic Small Business Consulting and Mentoring Services

Do you have an idea but don”t know where to start?

You are great at your craft but aren’t sure how to get the business end done

Your looking for simple ways of doing the back office work without hiring

My Business Experience:
  • Certificate in Business Administration from UCCB
  • I have always had a side business while working full time
  • 15th year managing The Garden Bee Beeswax Candles includes 12 years with an online store
  • 4 years operating The Garden Bee Bed & Breakfast
  • 6 years Strategic Investment Manager (Capital Finance Controller) for Michelin
  • Developed or implemented business tools to support my efforts in all the above organizations
My Management Philosophy:
  • Keep it simple – prioritize what is important
  • Keep costs and processes to a minimum
  • Plan your work and work your plan!
  • Teach others to allow them to be successful

Every situation is different – It depends on skill set requirements – Let’s Talk!

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