Responsible Business

The Environment and Responsible Business

The Garden Bee is an environmentally responsible business. We take seriously the “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” motto. Only natural ingrediants go into our products. Minimal energy is consumed in production as we use traditional candle making methods powered by human energy. Packaging is kept to a minimum and shipping materials are recycled and reused. Our goal is to continue to maintain a small “Ecological Footprint” as we grow.

As a cottage inductry we focus on local scouces for our business needs. Our wax comes from a professional Bee Keeper in a neighbouring county. We provide part time employment for challenged individuals from the commumnity as well as supportting local businesses where possible. Our dealings with both customers and vendors are based on trust and honesty, so far it has served us well.

Since the beginning, we have continued to streamline our processes and we have been able to pass on the savings to our customers by lowering prices and providing more choices. In the future our goal is to continue this practice all the while maintaining our high quality standards.

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