How did your Solar Installation go?

That’s right, we are solar powered!

We have made the investment in to Green Energy. After careful consisderations at our options and the cost payback for each type of energy investment, Photovoltaic (PV) came up on top in all categories. Our panels were installed by WattsupSolar. They are located in Weymouth, NS and did a great job helping us size our job and offerring a turn-key solution. A big thank you to Mike and his crew!

Below are some pictures of the beginning, middle and end of our installation project. It doesn’t take very long to do the physical install when you know what you are doing.

Let us know what you think.

In the beginning there was a roof. On went the rails, inverters and wiring.
Solar Installation 01  Solar Installation 04 Solar Installation 05
The wiring harness from the individual inverters were terminated in a joiner box with the Envoy monitoring module.
Solar Installation 06The emergency shut off is located below the joiner box. Then it run directly from there in to the load panel.The actual installing of the panels was quite simple (so they made it seem) and fast. Plug and play.
Shot of the panels from the roof perspective 40 panels gleaming nicely in the setting November 2017 sun
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