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Free Shipping at The Garden Bee Beeswax Candles

A Basket of Golden Sunshine

Have we got your attention? Yes it is true! We are offering free shipping on retail orders of $35 and over. We want to make beeswax candles available to as many people as possible so that the benefits of the air cleaning can help…

The Garden Bee Solar Update – 10Mw Generated

Solar Installation 15

We are celebrating at The Garden Bee! As of 2 Sepember 2018 we have generated 10 Megawatts-Hours of energy. Burning a barrel of crude oil generates 1,699.8 Kilowatt-hours of energy. … US IRS We have offset the equivalent of 5.9 barrels of oil being…

The Garden Bee Solar Update – August 2018

Solar Installation 15

Here is another solar update on the progress of our panels. The panels have been installed and generating for 9 months now. The overall output has improved and we are hitting forecast results. We are pleased! Conservation Efforts We are tracking our generation and…