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Burntcoat Head Gift Shop Opening 18 May 2018

For anyone who hasn’t grown up on the Fundy Shore of Nova Scotia, Burntcoat Head is a must see. Check out this link for what Burntcoat Head Park has to offer. Watch this very dramatic Tide Time-lapse video to see just how impressive the… Continue Reading “Burntcoat Head Gift Shop Opening 18 May 2018”

The Garden Bee Solar Update

I thought it was time to keep you folks updated on the progress of our solar panels. The panels have been installed and generating for 6 months. While the output is not stellar, we are pleased. These were the worst 6 months of the… Continue Reading “The Garden Bee Solar Update”

Simply Perfect Biscuits

This would have been the place the picture of the biscuits would have been but they are always eaten before we can get a picture, LOL! It has been our pleasure to serve this biscuit recipe to hundreds of guest over the years. They… Continue Reading “Simply Perfect Biscuits”