A Special Treat for Valentines Day!

It was a grey fall and so far the winter has not been much better. We decided it was time to add a little colour and romance in to our grey days.

We have completed a limited run of our highly sought after 8” Red String Tapers pairs just in time for Valentines Day. These striking candles will enhance that special meal with the full spectrum golden light that only beeswax provides.

There are a limited number available so order yours today for pick up or free shipping on order $75 and over.

Order yours here!

2021 Seasons Greetings from The Garden Bee

Hello and Thank You to all our friends and customers. It has been another crazy year in almost every regard. 2021 seemed like a rinse and repeat of 2020.

The Chapelwaite TV series that was shot in various locations in Nova Scotia has aired. We haven’t heard much about how the overall show was received but no sets were burned down from our candles in the process of making the series. A total success in my books, lol. Another production is planned but timing is subject to change given the current COVID-19 variant activities. We can’t say at this time what it will be called as the scripts are still being developed. It is going to be a wait and see thing.

In 2021, we launched the Octagonal Pillar family (pictured below), replaced the Country Rustic line of candles with a few select Lightly Textured Pillars.  For 2022, we have plans to do a batch of 8″ Red Tapers to have ready for Valentines day.

Some good news! We are pleased to announce that our prices for 2022 will remain unchanged. Our minimum purchase for free shipping will be $50.00 starting 1 January 2022.

From Our Studio to your Home – May the warm glow of our beeswax candles fill your eyes and soul with peace and contentment in the new year.

Octagonal Pillar Group

The Garden Bee is Going Exclusive

First a little history. The Garden Bee was officially launched 4 October 2004 by 2 enterprising women trying to fill a need with a product that they were passionate about. The premise was simple. Make and sell the best quality beeswax candles while doing so from their home. At that time there were government business initiatives available to support women entrepreneurs. Marketing, accounting, product development, internet searches, build a website, etc … All the back office functions were covered including taxation and government regulations. With the world as their oyster, they even considered Going Exclusive!

Over the course of the past 17 years, The Garden Bee has ebbed and flowed as the economy and buying habits of our market changed from year to year. There were many years of participating in regional and local craft shows and buyers exhibitions. We have chased retailers from all over Canada to carry our products and have made solid customers both wholesale and retail. Our business has reached a point where major change is required. We either have to go big or stay home. That is why it is difficult for us, in some ways, to make the following announcement.

Effective 1 July 2021, The Garden Bee Beeswax Candles will no longer be available for wholesale purchase and will only be available exclusively from The Garden Bee Beeswax Candles.

We appreciated the opportunity to share the benefits of burning beeswax through our products via other retail establishments. The end of one era is also the beginning of another. Although in person sales are still suspended (for now), you can contact us for sales via our online store, telephone and email. Free Shipping of Orders $35+ as well as contactless pick ups are still available.

Thank You for YOUR Support!

Rosemary & David Furlong

Beeswax candle display
The golden glow of beeswax!