Beeswax Sniff

The Garden Bee – Beeswax “Sniff”

Beeswax Sniff
“If I had 25 cents every …” How many times have you heard someone start a phrase with this common refrain? I am as guilty as everyone else. Since we started making and selling beeswax candles there is a ritualistic event for people stopping by our booth. They will pick up any one of our candles and deeply inhale the intoxicating aroma of the beeswax. Most of the time they exclaim how they love the smell of beeswax and how awesome it feels in their hands. At this point they either walk away or listen patiently while we give our spiel. Of these steadfast shoppers some will a nod knowingly and slowly move away while the rest are eagerly waiting for me to stop talking and start listening.
During those times when the flow of customers is light I have been commonly heard to say, “If I had 25 cents for every time some picked up one of my candles and sniffed I would be a rich man!” It was to the point that Rosemary told me to put up or shut up. I accepted the challenge immediately sensing victory. Time passed and a multitude of ideas came and went.
I was to the point of admitting that maybe my mouth ran faster than my brain in just this one occasion only when it struck me. The bottom line to a successful sales transaction, is that it needs to be Win-Win. Both parties need to feel they have gotten good value.

What is The Garden Bee Beeswax “Sniff”

The “Sniff” is a small thin packet containing a minimal amount of beeswax. For maximum therapeutic benefit, carry your sniff it in a pocket next to your skin where it can be removed easily for frequent ‘sniffs’. Akin to snuff boxes of years gone by, these sniffs will bring a sense of calm and tranquility.

The “Sniff” Win-Win Offer
For the customer: You get the “Sniff” for only 25 cents! You can have that wonderful beeswax aroma with you at all times and take a refreshing pause in your busy everyday life to “Stop and smell the Beeswax”.
For me: In my case I get the 25 cents as well as vindication that a good idea is still a good idea even if it was mine.

The Wrap Up
If this small view of life has given you a smile then it is already a Win-Win if you go no further.  You can have some for your own drop by our ‘In Person’ opportunities. If you have come to this link as a proud owner of your own Beeswax ‘Sniff”, Thank you! I hope you feel as much of a Winner as I do. For your air cleaning, candle addiction needs, try burning beeswax in one of the many forms we offer.
Bee Happy!
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