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Rosemary Profile Pic The Garden Bee provides 100% pure beeswax candles specially handcrafted in Rosemary Furlong's studio in Hants County, Nova Scotia with something to please everyone.

Rosemary started selling pure beeswax candles to family and friends when it was made clear that the scented paraffin candles we were burning were endangering our health. Since 2004, it has been a steadily growing business. Over the years we have sold beeswax candles at craft shows, health shows and various markets in the Maritimes. At each occasion more and more people indicated they have environmental illnesses and see the need to burn beeswax candles. The candles sell themselves once you know the benefits of burning beeswax candles.

The Process

At The Garden Bee, we treat each handcrafted candle as if it is a work of art ~ because it is. Every candle is made with only the best beeswax available in Nova Scotia ~ and each has its own burn characteristics.

The process is simple and straight forward from hive to table:

  • The bees harvest pollen for honey and use beeswax cells to store it in the hive.
  • The bees seal each cell of honey with capping wax. We use this wax to make candles
  • When the the apiarist (Paul) cuts off the capping wax from the frame and sets it aside.
  • Paul spins the frames to extract the honey and reuses the frame wax for new frames.
  • Paul filters the honey and sells it through his business.
  • Rosemary cleans the warmed wax and forms it in to blocks for later use in forming our various products. The beeswax we receive from Paul still has various bee parts included.
  • Using the same processes that have been used for thousands of years, we either mold and dip, mold and over pour or just dip to create our beautiful candles.

Pure beeswax candles are virtually smoke-less and drip-less when used properly as well as being biodegradable. Put all of these attributes together and that makes beeswax very environmentally friendly.  

Candle Styles

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We have the basic styles of candles you'd expect. Whether you like our  satiny smooth or textured pillars, our classic dipped tapers or our tealights and votives , I think you will agree that our simple beeswax candles exude a rich, natural warmth whether burning or not. Check them out !

Pillars     Tapers      Tealights, Votives, Beeswax, etc

Feel free to buzz around and then make a beeline for our catalogue.* You'll bee happy you did!

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