Beautiful New Additions to Our Candle Family

New for 2021!

We have been working on a few new creations and were waiting for just the right moment to share them with you. Now is the time!

We started with 3" round candles and then added 3" hexagonal and now 3" octagonal pillars. Yes, you heard right. 8 sided candles! we are offering them in 3" and 6" tall versions.

Octagonal Pillar Group

There were a few cries of disbelief when we ended the Country Rustic line. There were a few diehard fans that loved the character a textured candle has. For those folks and all others that like to get away from the classic lines of a smooth pillar and kick back with a rough around the edge look we are launching the Lightly Textured family. 3 different sizes for you to choose from.

Lightly Textured Group

Follow this link to see the new line up

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