Free Shipping at The Garden Bee Beeswax Candles

A Basket of Golden Sunshine

Have we got your attention? Yes it is true!

We are offering free shipping on retail orders of $75 and over. We want to make beeswax candles available to as many people as possible so that the benefits of the air cleaning can help out everyone.

Check out our “Things you should know …” article to better understand the benefits. Look here for “For Safety & Satisfaction” to get the most from your candles (this applies to most solid candles).

Now not only can you get our gorgeous beeswax candles without tax but we will send them to you FREE.

We make all of our own candles in our studio in Centre Rawdon, NS. They can be found burning in homes and cottages through out Canada and are enjoyed by many.

Click here to discover the variety of shapes, styles and sizes of beeswax candles just waiting to be invited in to your home.

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