The Garden Bee Welcomes You!

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The Garden Bee is located in Centre Rawdon, Hants County, Nova Scotia and provides products and services across Canada.

We are pleased you dropped by our website. We offer a variety of products and services that you may find interesting and possibly helpful. While we are not homesteaders, our practices are earth friendly and we make the most of what we have to offer. Our philosophy is to reduce, reuse, recycle and spread the word to encourage more people to get back to basics.

Our approach is to support small, local business to succeed by using our experience as entrepreneurs. On this site you will find:

  • Information about us and what we do
  • Our online store for our beeswax candles and other items

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or let us know if we can be of assistance. Let’s Talk!

David & Rosemary Furlong